Final band pr photo

             Bluegrass gospel is what you will hear when we present our unique brand of music.  Most of us are members of the Gulf Shores United Methodist Church and we formed this group for the purpose of providing music to our fellow church members who were either disabled or homebound for some reason.  We have received great response and have broadened our audiences by visits to nursing facilities and some civic events.   Click on one of the links above for more information on the band members, our history,  pictures and other keen stuff.  Our show schedule is on the right;  come listen to us and we think you will be pleased by our program.   

        Our first CD recording, Shine Your Light, is  listed on the internet at 
www.cdbaby.com.  You can listen to sound clips from  this recording  and then buy several copies for yourself or loved ones.  Our second recording, Stained Glass Bluegrass, has been sold out for a couple of years now.   Our new CD album, Gloryland, has been released and is now available from one of the band members.

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